Stolle Skim Milk Powder
  • Of course you can. Stolle Skim Milk Powder is a 100% natural functional food. It is not only nutritious, but also contains 26 specific types of antibody and 3 functional factors. Daily consumption of Stolle Skim Milk Powder can enhance immune function, preventing diseases.

  • No specific time on this point. Generally, it is recommended to drink it on an empty stomach in the morning to promote absorption, but this advice is not suitable for people having a stomach upset, lactose intolerance or taking medicines (some medicines need to be taken on an empty stomach). People suffering from stomach upset or lactose intolerance can drink Stolle Skim Milk Powder after meals. An interval of 1-2 hours between taking medicines and drinking of Stolle Skim Milk Powder is necessary.

  • Yes, you can. Stolle Skim Milk Powder is a natural functional food without containing additives and pharmaceuticals, thus it will not have any negative effects on the fetus. Furthermore, Stolle Skim Milk Powder will actually modulate mother’s immunity and reduce risk of illness and infection during pregnancy.

  • Yes, you can. However, an interval of 1-2 hours between taking medicines and drinking of Stolle Skim Milk Powder is necessary. In addition, you cannot simply stop taking medicine prescribed by doctor even if you drink Stolle Skim Milk Powder. This is because Stolle Skim Milk Powder is functional food. The modulating process usually takes some time. If your illness state has been improved after drinking Stolle Skim Milk Powder for a period of time, you can reduce the dose of medicine or stop taking after approval by your doctor.

  • Yes, it is. However, Stolle Skim Milk Powder is not an infant formula specially designed for newborns. The low fat content may not meet the fat requirement of newborns. Therefore, we recommend adding ½ or one teaspoon of Stolle Skim Milk Powder into general infant whole milk powder daily to modulate immune system of newborns.

  • The amount of daily consumption may vary according to the different age, body weight and physical condition. For every Kg of body weight, it will require consumption of 1 to 2 gram of Stolle Skim Milk Powder. It is recommended that an adult consumes at least 2 sachets of Stolle Skim Milk Powder daily to achieve the desired effect.

  • The results depend on age, individual physical and health condition. With sufficient consumption, most people will experience the enhancement of physical strength in about 1 month and feel significant health improvement in 3 to 6 months.

  • Based on personal preferences, cocoa powder, honey or cereal could be added to Stolle Skim Milk Powder to provide a wide variety of flavours and tastes. By adding cereal to Stolle Skim Milk Powder may not only provide a better taste but also provide benefits to health as cereal contains dietary fiber that promotes intestinal peristalsis.

  • People who seldom drink milk might suffer from diarrhea, flatulence or other symptoms of lactose intolerance at the beginning of drinking Stolle Skim Milk Powder. Lactose intolerance is a condition due to insufficient amount of lactase in intestine. This makes one unable to digest lactose completely. However, diarrahea or flatulence can be improved by drinking Stolle Skim Milk Powder after food. Start with small quantity (half sachet twice daily), dilute it with plenty of water and drink it slowly in order to stimulate the production of lactase gradually.

  • If the condition does not improve even though you have followed the directions given above, you should consult a doctor on whether you are suffering from congenital lactose intolerance. If so, you may consume Stolle Essential which is low in lactose as a replacement of Stolle Skim Milk Powder. It provides the same benefits of Stolle Skim Milk Powder.

  • Absolutely not. Internal heat is caused by deficiency of water and dietary fiber intake. Stolle Skim Milk Powder can modulate immune function, one of which is to accelerate metabolism and help

Stolle Essential
  • Stolle Essential fully retains 26 specific types of antibody and 3 functional factors from Stolle Skim Milk Powder. But Stolle Essential is low in lactose, protein, minerals and etc.

  • Stolle Essential is suitable for people of all physical conditions, especially lactose intolerance, diabetes, severe liver and kidney diseases.

  • Stolle Essential is concentrated milk protein powder which has low instant solubility. It is quite common to see small particles in your drink. To dissolve, use warm water to prepare and stir well.

  • Yes, it can. Based on personal preferences, Stolle Esential can be added to oat, congee, red bean soup, cocoa etc., in order to provide a wide variety of flavours and tastes. Besides, it can also drink together with Stolle Skim Milk Powder and CurVets. Please be aware that water temperate should be below 50°C.

  • No. With its scientific name Curcuma longa Linn, curcuma has many health benefits and is quite different from ginger. The scientific name of ginger is Zingiber officinale Roscoe and it has the benefits of relieving vomit and cough.

  • No, it is not recommended. Due to the mild acidity of CurVets, it would cause protein of Stolle Skim Milk Powder to clot, and affect digestion and absorption. This is especially not suitable for those who have poor gastrointestinal function. It is recommended to drink the two products separately to bring their benefits into full play.

  • Yes, they are. CurVets not only complements physical strength, Vitamin A in CurVets also accelerates the growth and development of children, and maintains their vision health. For children under 1 year old, CurVets is not recommended as their own immune function to resist bacteria and viruses is more to our concern.

  • Both warm and cold water can be selected to prepare CurVets. It is a great enjoyment to drink CurVets prepared by cold water in a hot afternoon. But if you drink CurVets prepared with warm water before oncoming flu, the symptoms of flu will be reduced.

  • The pigment of CurVets is derived from curcumin, which is absolutely natural and will not retain in human body. Curcumin is a food grade ingredient that has been used for thousands of years. Besides, curcumin has been approved to be used in foods by American Food and Drug Administration, Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations, World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China. Consumers can certainly drink and enjoy it.

Water Purifier
  • As high temperature affects the effectiveness to filter contaminants, please do not filter hot water with the water purifier. The applicable water temperature is 5 – 38° C.

  • The installation is pretty easy and the product is attached with the installation manual. You are able to install it easily without any technical support.

  • The water purifier can be installed with most kinds of taps except square tap. Lanfar also provides six kinds of tap adaptor along with the water purifier.

  • The recommended replacement period for PPF and UF filter is 12 months, while the MES filter does not require any replacement. Filter replacement is simple and convenient, all you need to do is gently turn it out and replace with a new filter.
    *The filter replacement cycle depends on the usage and water quality in different areas. Poor water quality and greater usage will shorten the filters’ life span.

  • The LED screen on the water purifier indicates filter life span. The bar on the indication light for each filter will decrease according to their life span. When the bar on the last indication light starts shining, it tells it is time to replace the corresponding filter.

  • All filter materials of Lanfar Water Purifier meet food grade standards. They are totally safe and do not affect human health.

  • It is recommended to replace the filter as suggested. The life span of filter is determined by the water quality, which means determined by the volume of sewage. If the filter is not replaced as suggested, we are unable to guarantee the effect of the filter.

  • The medical grade hollow fiber membrane is elongated hollow tube made of polymer. There is a lot of invisible micropores on the tube wall that brings the ultra-filtering function to allow better filtering efficiency.

Stolle WPC Toothpaste
  • Yes, they are. Dentists recommend that only non-fluoride toothpaste for kids, to avoid ingesting too much fluoride which may influence development of nervous system. Stolle WPC Toothpaste is without fluoride, however, contains Streptococcus mutan antibody and anti-inflammatory factors from Stolle Milk. It can help to prevent tooth decay and maintain oral health.