National Award

STOLLE Skim Milk Powder is a natural functional food originally from New Zealand. Based on the concept of transferring immunity from mother to bady, it is invented by using hyperimmunisation technique. It contains 26 specific types of antibody and 3 functional factors, providing human a natural protection to fight against diseases. After year of clinical studies, Stolle has been granted many patent right and awards worldwide proving its efficacy,quality and safety.
Anti-hypertention (5,194,255)
Anti-inflammatory (4,284,623 / 4,956,349 / 5,242,691)
Anti-atherosclerosis (RE33,403 / 4,636,384)
Prevention of rtheumatoid arthritis (RE33,565)
Lung protection (RE33,403 / 4,636,384)
Gastrointestinal protection (5,106,618)
Prevention of tooth decay (4,324,782)
Anti-body odour (1,192,842 / 0152270 B1)
Anti-aging (W09325232)
Hyperimmunisation technique (6,054,124)
Taiwan Health Food
Permits proved 3 functions:
Immune System Modulation
Blood Lipid Modulation
Gastrointestinal Function Modulation
Allergy Alleviation Function
Gold Award
2002 National Biotechnology & Medical Care Quality
Malaysia 2017 Health Food Award