CurVets Curcumin Drink

CurVets Curcumin Drinks is mainly composed of 3 high antioxidant substances curcumin, vitamin E. Purity of curcumin in CurVets Curcumin Drink reaches 99%, thus is easily absorbed by the body and provides the best benefits for health.

A Must for Modern People


Capture free radicals, reduce the threat of diseases. 


Enhance metabolism, delay aging process.


Inhibit or slow down the development of cancer cells.

Protect Liver

Module liver functions, prevent liver diseases.

Prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Reduce β-amyloid aggregation in brain, slow down memory loss.


Dine Out Often

Always be at contaminated environment

Smoke & drink

Computer & mobile phone users

Long term use of drug

Suffer long term stress

Abnormal liver functions

Labour workers

Stay up late & work overtime

Poor concentration


Not Recommended to

Do not Drink:

Bile problems, e.g. gall stone or occlusion of bile duct


Moderate Consumption:

Peptic ulcer and excessive stomach acid; suggest to drink after meals.


Ask Doctors or Nutritionist Before Consumption:

Pregnant women, severe liver or kidney patients and other health conditions.

Prepare Methods

A packet of  Curvets Curcumin Drink mix with 220ml cold or hot water.