STOLLE Concentrace

STOLLE Concentrate is extracted from STOLLE Skim Milk Powder

By removing 96% of lactose and other ingredients (e.g. Protein, minerals) in STOLLE Skim Milk Powder. Although it has lower nutritional content, it fully retains STOLLE Skim Milk Powder’s functional ingredients and health effects, suitable for those have lactose intolerance and for people of all physical conditions.


26 Specific Types of Antibody

STOLLE contains 26 specific types of antibody that can modulate body immunity and accord natural protection against pathogens. 

Anti-Inflammatory Factor

Anti-Inflammatory factor can alleviate symptoms of redness, swelling, heat and pain cause by inflammation.

Anti-Atherosclerosis Factor

Anti-atherosclerosis Factor can regulate plasma cholesterol level and blood pressure as well as reduce the risks of atherosclerosis, stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

Macrophage Activator Factor

Macrophage activator factor activates macrophages (human immune cells), enhances phagocytic activity, modulates immune functions and eliminates toxins and harmful substances in the lung.

Other ingredient: Milk Protein Concentrate

Honours Granted

2 Health Food Permits issued by the Health Department of Twaiwan

  • Module Immune System
  • Allergy Alleviation Function


Suitable for consumers with lactose intolerance or those who are under sugar or protein restriction diet, like: Kidney Disease, Diabetic etc .

Prepare Methods

To protect activity of specific antibodies and functional factors, please prepare Stolle Concentrate with warm water (< 50°C) or cold water.

  • 50ml warm (< 50°C ) or room temperature mix with 1 sachets of STOLLE Concentrate.
  • Mix with STOLLE Skim Milk Powder or other drinks and food.