STOLLE Skim Milk Powder



BREAST MILK is considered as a perfect present in the nature. Babies not only obtain complete nutrients through breastfeeding, but also antibodies transferring from mother to infants. This protects them from attacks of germs and improves the development of immune system.

Base on the concept of mother milk, STOLLE MILK BIOLOGICS INCORPORATED (SMBI) invented STOLLE, which combines the benefits of breastmilk and cow milk, and created the optimal food for health.



26 Specific Types of Antibody

STOLLE contains 26 specific types of antibody that can modulate body immunity and accord natural protection against pathogens.

 Anti-Inflammatory Factor

Anti-Inflammatory factor can alleviate symptoms of redness, swelling, heat and pain cause by inflammation.

 Anti-Atherosclerosis Factor

Anti-atherosclerosis Factor can regulate plasma cholesterol level and blood pressure as well as reduce the risks of atherosclerosis, stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

Macrophage Activator Factor

Macrophage activator factor activates macrophages (human immune cells), enhances phagocytic activity, modulates immune functions and eliminates toxins and harmful substances in the lung.  


Stolle provides you all aspects of health care

  1. Modulate Immune Functions
  2. Alleviate Allergy Function
  3. Modulate High Blood Pressure
  4. Modulate High Cholesterol and Excessive Body Fat
  5. Anti-inflammatory
  6. Modulate Gastrointestinal Function
  7. Protect Heart and Blood Vessels
  8. Improve Rheumatoid Arthritis
  9. Protect Lung
  10. Prevent Tooth Decay
  11. Anti-body Odour
  12. Slow Down Aging on Immune System


  1. Children (> 1 year old)
  2. Teenagers
  3. Adults (males & females)
  4. Pregnant & breastfeeding women
  5. Older people

*Adults are recommended to consume 2 sachets of Stolle Milk daily; subject to change due to individual’s health condition.

Not Recommended to:

  1. Do Not Drink: People who are allergic to milk.
  2. Moderate Consumption: Lactose intolerance. Those with mild lactose intolerance are advised to drink small amounts of Stolle Milk each time; may increase amount after improvement.
  3. Ask Doctors or Nutritionists Before Consumption: Diabetes, liver or kidney patients, and other health conditions.

 Prepare Methods

To protect activity of specific antibodies and functional factors, please prepare Stolle Milk with warm water (< 50°C) or cold water.

Step 1Adjust water temperature
Step 2Pour in Stolle Skim Milk Powder
Step 3Stir well before drinking